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If you are just starting out as a beginner then here are some drills that will improve your skills as a handball player. All of these drills involve a ball so if you don’t have one already you can purchase one from here. For this drill all you need is a ball. Wile holding the ball in one hand at arms length with your palm facing down drop the ball and catch it again. The whole drill the ball should be arms length and your palm should be facing down.

Basic Handball Exercises

Basic Handball Exercises For Schools. Points covered here • Basic shooting • Basic defending • Basic passing • Use positions – Defence – Attack.

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A beginner's explanation of Olympic Handball. Watch this short tutorial video guide on how Team Handball in Europ... 3-2-1 defense attack attacking benchball catching defence defense defense 3:3 dribbling drills fast break feint give and go goalkeeper handball jump shot keeper lesson plan pass passing pivot pivot drills search shooting tactic tactics training training for wing players warm up warming up

Handball Drills

Drill #3: This simple but extremely effective handball drill for kids will help children to develop their accuracy and power when throwing the ball. To perform this drill simply pair up all of the players and have them pass and catch the ball between them and their partner until a predetermined number of passes and catches has been reached.

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Handball exercises for beginners, Part OneBlog: http://handballtr.blogspot.comDon't forget to subscribe! And you can leave a comment on the video or requests...

Handball Drills - Throwing & Shooting | planet.training

Have a look at the handball drill animation inside our coaching app. The center back (CB) starts the drill with a pass to the player at station B (LB). Both pass the ball for a total of 3 times. The defender at station C (RI/LI) moves with the ball and tries to keep offensive players from finishing.

Handball Drills - Passing | planet.training

Place 3 cones/poles approx. 2m apart from each other in a triangle. 3m in front, place a fourth cone as the passing station. The passing player (yellow) lines up at the fourth cone, with a ball. The active player (blue) lines up on the first cone/pole of the triangle. Execution: